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Planned Features

This page contains a list of InteGrade feature that MAY be implemented in future InteGrade releases. All project members can update this page with features. * Use logging in the InteGrade modules [HIGH] ** Frameworks for logging (java.util.logging, log4cxx) * ASCT [LOW] ** Ability to send a list a environment variable to applications ** read execution data from an XML file * LRM [HIGH] ** Break the LrmImpl into multiple classes ** LrmProcessManager: keeps a list of running processes * Remove from CVS files which are modified by each user [MEDIUM] ** keep a prototype in src; modifies a copy of this file * Check about global executionId globais for executions [MEDIUM] * Write a simple BSP application that tests most BSP functions [MEDIUM] * tests for InteGrade [MEDIUM] ** mechanism to start, finish and restart LRM in remote nodes ** tests for LRMs: *** kills LRM and submitts application for execution *** kills and restarts LRM and submitts application for execution ** restarting and checkpointing tests: *** kills a process and verifies if it is restarted succesfully * checkpointing library [MEDIUM] ** should provide means for applications to store their state and restart from it ** the application itself can generate checkpoints and recover from it ** can use external tools, such as CKPT (Linux 2.4 and 2.6)