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InteGrade FAQ


Q1) Can I compile/install one specific module per machine (LRM,GRM, etc...)?
A1: Yes, you can. Simply type make . Unfortunally you have to copy all the InteGrade code to the target machine, even if you are going to compile only one module.

Q2) How can I compile LRM if the make proccess shows many errors.
A2: Try a make clean before make.

Q3) How can I compile some InteGrade Java module if the make proccess shows manyerrors?
A3: If you are trying to compile InteGrade 0.2 RC the problem may be your JacORB version. InteGrade only works with versions 1.4 and 2.1.

Q4) I am using a 64 bits machine and can't compile/install oilpack, what can I do?
A4: You have to edit a few files. Do this:
Go to the oilpack's directory.
Go to the lua's directory
Edit the file called "config", and change "MYCFLAGS=-O2" to "MYCFLAGS= -O2 -fPIC"
Go to the luasocket's directory
Edit the file called "config", and change "MYCFLAGS=-DCOMPAT_51" to "MYCFLAGS= -fPIC -DCOMPAT_51"
Go to the oil's directory
Edit the file called "config", and change "MYCFLAGS=-DCOMPAT_51" to "MYCFLAGS= -fPIC -DCOMPAT_51"
Now go back to the oilpack's directory and run ""

Q5) When I try to install the OilPack package I receive an error saying "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lreadline". How can I solve this?
A5: Your system does not have the Readline Library installed. Install it and then execute again.

Q6) I get the following error: "[hostname] ([pid number]): state > Connection failed"

A6: This error happens if the hostname provided in configuration file (defaults to localhost in config/default.yml) cannot be resolved.

To solve this problem, check if the hostname in the configuration file is correct. If it still can't be resolved (try "ping hostname"), you can add it to /etc/hosts. For instance, if hostname is "localhost", add " localhost" to /etc/hosts.

Then keep following the instructions, you need to have a passwordless ssh connection to that hostname, otherwise you get the next issue.

Q7) "[hostname] ([pid number]): connector > Permission denied"

It means you cannot "ssh hostname" without password. As written in section "SETTING UP THE ENVIRONMENT" of deplyer/README, follow the instructions in here.


Q1) When I try to unregister an aplication I receive an error saying that there's a binary file asociated with the application. What do I do?
A1: Expand the application folder and delete de binary first.


Q1) When I start GRM and LRM on different machines, LRM is initialized, but GRM does not register it. What can I do?
A1: Do a "hostname -i". Check if the output is you machine external IP. If the answer is no, this is your problem. Fix it giving the correct (external) IP to your machine name at "/etc/hosts". By external IP we mean the IP used by the GRM to register itself with the JacORB Name Server.